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What does it take for someone to go up there and do the job ?

It’s 25 storey high. Every day, it requires the crane operator to take a makeshift lift to the 20th level and then scale up 5 floors to the top.

There, in his work station, barely two square metres, he shall be executing his stuff possibly eight hours in a stretch. All concentration, no food, no drinks, no cigarettes and no toilet breaks.

The structure will sway to the winds and be pounded by the rain while exposed to the harsh sun in common conditions.

It takes guts to be up there and a strong sense of responsibility to see through his day.

This quality in a person produces exceptional skills, the highest level of self motivation and superstar results.

These people have the Seven Killings Star, the one which offers them the competitive edge and nerves of steel. Found in most sports personalities and martial arts stars, it makes them stand out from the rest when given the chance.

Do you have what it takes to be a superstar ? Look for the Seven Killings Star (7K) in your BaZi chart which can be plotted on this website.


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